Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Lim had made a huge impact in my life, she took the time to explore my prior diagnosis and my life improved significantly. Now, my quality of life increased and can finally say I’m getting enough sleep every night and my head is clear."
- S.V.

"I think Dr. Lim is the greatest Dr. I know."
- B.B.

"Because of Dr. Lim, I am still alive today. Thirteen years ago she was the catalyst that got me to an amazing care team for my lung cancer and she is still part of my team, I love her!"
- B.A.

"I have seen Dr. Lim for many years and have received phenomenal care from her. I am very grateful to be her patient. She is a very talented, caring and skilled practitioner. My highest recommendation and praise for Dr. Melissa Lim."
- C.P.

"Dr. Jonelis is a fantastic doctor. She is bright, patient, an excellent listener. She provides time and never makes me feel rushed. She consistently provides me with a printed review of our discussion. One of the characteristics I love about her is her sense of humor and her ability to laugh at herself. She provides the freedom to ask any questions and is never intimidated by some that I ask. She always appears glad to see me... rather than it is you again! She appears to be happy and one who loves her work."
- A Happy Patient