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Your Trusted Experts in Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Medicine and Critical Care

Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates has been serving the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area since 2002. Our dedicated physicians and staff provide our patients with compassionate, personal attention from our offices in Redwood City, California.  

At Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates, we offer a comprehensive approach to pulmonary diseases including, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pneumonia, interstitial lung diseases and lung cancer.

We also care for critically ill patients with diverse medical problems as well as patients who require post-operative pulmonary care. 

In addition, the physicians at Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates are sleep medicine specialists who treat a wide range of sleep disorders, including snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movements in sleep and sleep-related behavior disorders. With our sleep medicine care, we are committed to helping you get the rest you need and deserve.

Being affiliated with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Stanford, our board-certified physicians stay up to date on the latest research and treatments regarding pulmonary disease, sleep disorders and critical care. Our doctors strive to deliver comprehensive care in a community setting.   

For unparalleled care from doctors who genuinely care about and listen to their patients, schedule an appointment with Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates. Call us at (650) 367-5636, or use our online appointment request form, to request an appointment.

Our Team

Meet Redwood Pulmonary’s original staff, from left to right, Lorna Fahy, Patricia Yu-Vanasse, and Mina Palad.

Dr. Lim’s Blog

Dr. Lim’s blog, Doctrme, contains reflections and practical treatment advice gleaned from 25 years of seeing patients with pulmonary, sleep, and critical care problems. You can read about patients (in general of course, there is no identifying information) and what they’ve taught Dr. Lim over the years. Read Dr. Lim’s blog now

Awards and Recognition 

Dr. Lim has is a recurrent recipient of the Castle Connolly Top Doc Award (published in San Francisco Magazine) for pulmonary and sleep specialists in the Bay Area.
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Our Team

Melissa S. Lim, MD

Melissa S. Lim, MD

Melissa Lim, MD started her medical practice at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, California in 2000, and founded Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates in 2001. She attended the Ohio State University College of Medicine, completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Boston City Hospital/Boston University, and accepted the Eudowood Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital. After completing clinical training at Johns Hopkins, she continued her fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine within the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the University of California, San Francisco. While at UCSF, she conducted research in the molecular biology of lung cancer metastasis in the Thoracic Oncology Program under thoracic surgeon Dr. David Jablons. She and Dr. Jablons have carried on their collaboration in the clinical medicine at Sequoia Hospital, where she oversees the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program (I-ELCAP), and where Dr. Jablons lends his expertise on a weekly basis.

Dr. Lim has served as the Medical Director of Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates since its inception, closely collaborating with her colleagues in the community and mentoring pulmonologists and sleep specialists completing their training. She developed separate interest and expertise in sleep medicine while at Sequoia Hospital, which previously hosted one of the earliest accredited sleep centers in the Bay Area, the Sequoia Hospital Sleep Disorders Center. Since August 2015, the sleep center moved into the offices of Redwood Pulmonary, and is now called the Sequoia Sleep Center at Redwood Pulmonary. Dr. Lim also oversees Redwood Sleep Center, the only accredited sleep center in Marin County, California.

Dr. Lim treats patients in both the hospital and office settings, and her medical practice encompasses Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. She is interested in the breadth of pulmonary disorders but brings her special expertise in lung cancer to the community. She performs bronchoscopy at Sequoia Hospital. She shares hospital critical care duties with other dedicated pulmonary and critical care specialists. Her sleep practice is composed of patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, periodic limb movements, and narcolepsy. Along with her colleagues at Redwood Pulmonary, she embraces a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the management of sleep disorders, tailoring treatments to the individual in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Michelle Jonelis, MD

Michelle Jonelis, MD

Michelle Jonelis, MD, is a Bay Area native and grew up in Marin County, CA. She completed her undergraduate training at Stanford University and then attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. She went on to complete her residency in Neurology at Stanford University followed by a fellowship in Sleep Medicine, also at Stanford University. Dr. Jonelis is Board Certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Jonelis currently sees patients with the full spectrum of sleep disorders. She has received special training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and is particularly interested in non-pharmacologic management of insomnia, hypersomnia, restless leg syndrome and other sleep conditions.

When she is not seeing patients, Dr. Jonelis enjoys spending as much time outside as possible and exploring the Bay Area with her family.

Morgan Hughes, NP

Morgan Hughes, NP

Morgan Hughes is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Nurses Credentialing Center and a member of Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University and Masters of Science in Nursing from The University of Tampa.

Morgan began her nursing career as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at Gulf Coast Medical Center in Panama City, FL. While working as a registered nurse, she became extremely passionate about topics surrounding health promotion and disease prevention. She decided to focus her energy on becoming a family nurse practitioner, with a goal to help her patients manage complex chronic diseases through routine visits that would reduce the need for hospital admissions. After becoming a nurse practitioner, she worked for several years as a primary care provider at Tampa Family Health Centers in Tampa, FL. Following her family's relocation to the Bay Area she joined Redwood Pulmonary Associates.

Morgan is a member of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners as well as an alumni of the School of Sleep Medicine.